Sawmill Cutting Rates As Of 2017-2018

  • $0.30 per board ft.  ($25.00 minimum) for standard, straight, logs over 10″ in diameter and up to 30″ in diameter. Log lengths need to be between 8' and 16' in length. Anything which varies from the norm might have an hourly charge applied instead due to the extra handling of the material Quarter sawing is an additional .10 per board ft. due to the additional time required.

  • 1 bd ft is equivalent to 12" x 12" x 1"

  • You can estimate the bd ft in your logs by clicking on the "Log Scale" on the home page, the international log scaled is very close to being accurate for my type of sawmill.  Make sure to measure the small end of the log when taking your measurements.

  • Currently we do not purchase logs, or cut on shares.

Other Rates As Of 2017-2018
  • $45.00 per hour applies on any log under 10" in diameter, bucking logs to length, or trimming limbs flush to the log.

  • $50.00 Blade charge if we hit something in your log and destroy a blade.

  • $20.00 Blade charge if we hit something in your log and the blade can be reset and resharpened.


                        22" Wide Black Walnut Boards 

28" Black Walnut Log  
36" Walnut Log   
36" Black Walnut Log