Home Built Firewood Processor

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Firewood processor cutting and splitting firewood. (27MB) Video downloads before playing.  



Cutting 26" Black Walnut 1st Edge  

After a log is loaded on to the cutting deck the initial face cut is made. (2MB)  



Cutting 26" Black Walnut 2nd Edge

Cuts are made on each side of the log creating a square cant for boards.  (2MB)  


Turning Walnut Log 1/4 Turn  

Turning the log is assisted by using a hydraulic log turner. Logs in the 7000+ lb range have been easily turned. (2MB)  


Cutting 2 - 4/4" 16" Wide Walnut Boards

Boards are then cut from the 4 sided cant, the cant is rotated several time during this procedure to produce the best quality lumber possible. This log produced roughly 285 BdFt of 4/4 Black Walnut. (2MB)  


Setting The Teeth On A Bandsaw Blade

The set of a tooth is determined by the type of wood being cut and the width.  Normally teeth are set between .018 to .026 (1.66MB)


Sharpening A Bandsaw Blade

Bandsaw blades new to have sharp tips to cut, the autosharpener grinds the entire tooth profile including the gullet (1MB)


Surface Planing

Planing is done to smooth both surfaces of a board and to bring it to the correct thickness. (1MB)


Processing Molding

Stock wood is fed into the molder, as it passes through a molding knife cuts the profile in the lumber (1MB)